I’d been living in Melbourne, Australia for a few weeks and had zero money. We had to hustle for food and paint on the regular with my bro @bangerzndash . We get a call to do some breaking at a rap concert with @pepito7dollars for a fee bucks. I was pumped, I’d never heard australian rap, and when we get to the spot, the first to jump out on stage was a redhead version of Freddie Fox wearing size 15 timberlands and spewing hardcore rhymes about swilling VB’s and bombing trains with a thick australian accent! I loved it, it was real, it was raw and it was definitely ozzie! Through the magic of social media We got back in touch and he just sent me a care package from down under! So shouts to my man Bigfoot @bigfoot750hg from Hired Goons, thanks for the shirt and music! Just as I’m planning my 2018 trip back to Oz!

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