I moved to Philly in 1995, didn’t know anybody there, had no friends or family in the area. So I got a few cans and went painting solo in one of the areas where I had seen a little graff, around South St. got chased a couple times and finally met two writers about my age. One of them looked after me from near and far throughout my five years in the city, making sure I knew the codes, history and rules of Philly Graffiti. He also made sure I wasn’t alone on a holiday and I was safe. What amazes me is that even though his knowledge of styles and blueprints is thorough, he never pushed me to paint a certain way, always supporting whatever I did and my explorations in style. So to my old friend and founding father of the OAL crew, @maseyoal Salute! Miss you my man!! Thank you for making me Switzerland’s only Kenzo!

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